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Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Hijab and islam

This article portrays a broad representation of the issues of hijaab. Hijaab is seen as a very controversial issue and many argue that the ones ‘ under cover’ are undeniably attracting the most attention, a belief which confuses the logic of hijaab. 
Firstly, the observers of hijaab may be a minority within certain regions which is the case in many a town or city, however, this is obviously the case due to the number of Muslim sisters whom have chosen to neglect such a worthy act, and it is these very persons whom chose to voice such discouraging and demeaning statements. Such a statement however is a representation of sheer ignorance and is denial of faith which is bestowed by the All Provider: the Almighty Allah. 
The observance of hijaab will Insha’Allah reap a glorious Hereafter and uncountable benefits in this world .With anything in life determination is a much needed characteristic. 
Is it not time that we allowed our faith to snub out feelings of doubt and inferiority which are merely emotions created by the forever menacing Shaitaan ? 

Monday, 13 February 2012

What is Hijab?

                                                             hijab in islam
Many Muslims all over the community exercise hijab, which is Persia for protect, but is prolonged to mean modesty and comfort. For non-Muslims, hijab is most often associated with the moderate outfits that Islamic females use. In reality, hijab is protects  both men and ladies, and contains other demands of moderate conduct. Muslims adhere to the guidelines of hijab to demonstrate their distribution to and really like for God.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why Hijab necessary

Hijab custom among the Islamic females, which has been recognized by Islam, has again become a topic of disputes these days. The hijab disputes that came out from the declaration of former overseas reverend of England, Port Hay, hasn't yet missing the earth when the govt of Holland determined to create a law that restrictions the hijab custom there. It is not essential what is on a ladies go – a headscarf, a hijab, hat, burqah, veil, purdah, or simply hair; the most essential factor is what is in her mind while following this type of exercise. An incredible number of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Religious females of Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh and some other nations around the world protect their brains. Therefore it should not be belittled when Islamic females use hijab or in other terms jewelry.Read More...
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