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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Islam And Hijab

I want to INFORM you through the circumstances of a sis, why and how hijab (Islamic value of dress) allows to protected a lady and what are its benefits. This is not returning from me but from a WESTERN lady who was from the western way of life, used most of her life on the elegant element, found an in-depth clear in her life, found Islam, recognized it definitely, and modified her life around definitely - for the better.Learn M ore>>>

This sis is an Irish Across the country, has a Ph.D., shows in a well-known US level, would wear hijab wherever she goes - in the distinction locations while supporting, in the group actions and actions she journeys. She is very amazingly delighted of Islam and her hijab and in the following symbolizes the benefits and wiseness of dressed in hijab. So please analysis with a balanced point of view. Those who are start to objective get the assistance and better their life, but those who have "eyes but can't see, and examining but can't hear" will switch in the woodlands of life permanently. No variety of cost-effective aspects will help them. However, our job as Muslims, i.e., those who provided up to Allah, is ONLY to convey the concept to the pitch-dark aspects on the world. Our job as Muslims is not to promote anything on disbelivers because as Allah says in Quran, "For you is your opinions, and for them is theirs".

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  1. Salaam,

    We are proud of wearing our hijab wherever we go, it indeed protect us :)
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