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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Islamic Hijab Fore Women

                                                       Islamic Hijab Fore Women
Muslims follow the of Islam. As part of their religion they believe Allah to be their Creator, God and sustainer. 
Since the creation of the universal, Allah has revealed his message to prophets and . Some of the prophets included Jesus (son of Mary), Jacob, Joseph and Muhammad(Sallahho alihe wasalam).
The foundations regarding Islamic Clothing are mentioned in the Quran and through Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) teachings and practices.The primary purpose of Islamic Clothing (or modest clothing) is to cover a man and a woman’s body as prescribed by Islamic law. 
                                                            Islamic Hijab Fore Women 
The Islamic teachings require women to cover all their bodies with the exception of the front part of the face and hands (from the wrist area to the fingers). All other areas are required to be covered.Fore this purpose muslim women use Islamic Hijab.
                                                          Islamic Hijab Fore Women
Hijab is a headcover that Muslim women usually wear to cover their hair and head. The word Hijab is the Arabic word “hajaba” that means “to conceal”.
The requirements for covering the hair is in the most common and accepted Islamic teachings that requires Muslim women not to show any bodily hair to men whom they are not related to in certain relations noa-mehram like causon etc.But she she show her hair to her brother father husband.  

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